About me 


I am Balasubramanian Ranganathan a.k.a Bala a loud-mouth evangelist on the topic of  Engineering a software. I work for LPL Financials an independent broker-dealer in united states, where I manage and lead quality engineering practice teams.

My main interest is around understanding how to design software systems and platforms, develop, deploy  solutions and capabilities to maximize value, while doing this I've look to understand the patterns of good software architecture, and also the processes that support software design.

I like digging into pain points, finding issues, and fixing them. I have a knack for cleaning up processes, organizing infrastructures, and helping team become more efficient, more confident and happier.


What is this site about? 

I started GetBala.com as a place to keep my own writings. The topics of the articles I am planning to publish would cover a broad range i.e. software development, Quality Engineering  and process development. 

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